√  Syck Trix  is the only training board that benefits not only all ages from 2 -80 yrs old but every board sport Skateboarding Surfing Skim boarding wake surfing flow boarding wake skating snow skating  it truly is a multi-board sport trainer.

√  Teaches a two year old basic balance as well as Teens the Most Technical flip tricks.  DOESN’T make a slamming noise like the competition – Skater Trainer or hard Trucks. This will tend to Drive Mothers Crazy . Syck Trix cuts the learning curve by 5 years reason being the patented suspension system/ Ollie Bladders have a bounce which gives like felling – trampoline effect  which no other product Does .cheat /help Rider perform todays Hardest tricks very unique and will lead your toddler to the fastest progression . Learning a Ollie at 2 years old or the first five minutes.

√  If you’re a serious about the Technical Tricks; this progression board allows you to learn tricks before 5 yrs old.  Enjoyed by all ages the Ollie, Nollie ,Shuvits ,switch stance kickflips with the competition so stiff these days you cant afford not to have this Board.