Product Features


Balance Training

Syck Trix brings balance exercises that are beneficial to your overall health, helps improve your sports performance, coordination, core strength and will speed up your reaction time.

Multiple Platforms

The Syck Trix Balance Board allows for cross training across multiple sports categories both indoor and outdoor for all ages and skill levels.  Indoor/Outdoor balance training 24/7.

Target Audience

Our Balance Board is designed for users of all age groups; starting on our board as an infant would be 100%; We cater to all levels, ages, and skill sets – from basic balance to the most technical tricks.

Popular Uses

Ollie Training for Skateboarders, Wake Surf Trick Training, Rehab Balance Solutions, Surf Training, Aerial Tricks, Warm-Up Exercises, Balance Activity for Babies, Indoor Balance Games, the possibilites are endless.

About The Board

Syck Trix is the only action sports multi- board training tool of its kind on the market now sold in many of the top action sports/life style retail doors across North America; such as Jacks, BC Surf & Sport, Spyder, ET, and Ron Jons. Syck Trix is also distributed
and sold around the world by the leading skateboarding distributors.  Syck Trix Patented Suspension system bounces and has pop unlike any other Board on the Market.

Key Features:

  • Sycktrix can perform all of today’s sickest aerials and fliptrick tricks.
  • Quiet for indoor Board Training wont drive parents crazy.
  • You can learn without losing skin.
  • Sycktrix has a giant market complimenting every board sport
  • Direct Training for Surfing, Skateboarding, Snowboarding. Wake surfing, Skim boarding, Snow-skate and
    Wake skating.

Balance Training For Everyone

Syck Trix brings basic balance to most technical skateboarding tricks such as flip tricks, Spins, and even inverted tricks. This product  increases balance and agility while decreasing the time it will take to progress and learn the most technical tricks.

Mini Grom (Under 3yrs)

Balance boards can be difficult for anyone—old or young—Syck Trix will accomplish this safely. Start with you and your child taking turns trying to stay on the board for as long as you can. Soon you may find your child can stay on way longer than you can.

The key to improving your child’s balance, or any other aspect of his fitness, is to keep the exercises fun. View some of the popular Syck Trix balance activities and games from kids around the world.

Super Grom (4 -12yrs)

The possibilities are endless! Get creative and make these activities easier or harder depending on your child’s progression of skills & blance. Your child will learn to use their muscles properly in order to adjust to changes in movement. This will set them up for success in playing games and sports with their peers. Check out some of our videos on how kids are using the Syck Trix balance board to have fun and stay balanced.

Grom (13 - 17yrs)

Training on a balance board challenges your core constantly. The imbalance of your position keeps your breathing on point, abdominals and shoulders firing as you make slight adjustments to keep yourself upright. This is the most important time to focus your child’s growing muscles and begin to master certain balance techniques.  We have created and will continue to create videos that reveal the true potential of the Syck Trix Balance Board.

Eternal Grom

The Eternal Grom has had his/her time enjoying boardsports over the years. The Syck Trix balance board gives you a fresh start allowing the rider to enjoy ollies and keep the bag of stock Tricks current. Make sure to check out all the different types of fun activities that our board offers. We have also recevied tons of balance board reviews from around the world – we hope you enjoy all the syck tricks.

Instant Access to Training Videos

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