Balance Training for everyone

Syck Trix brings basic balance to most technical skateboarding tricks such as flip tricks, Spins, and even inverted tricks. This product  increases balance and agility while decreasing the time it will take to progress and learn the most technical tricks.

About The Board

Syck Trix is the only action sports multi- board training tool of its kind on the market now sold in many of the top action sports/life style retail doors across North America; such as Jacks, BC Surf & Sport, Spyder, ET, and Ron Jons. Syck Trix is also distributed
and sold around the world by the leading skateboarding distributors.  Syck Trix Patented Suspension system bounces and has pop unlike any other Board on the Market.

Key Features

✔️ Sycktrix can perform all of today’s sickest aerials and fliptrick tricks.

✔️ Quiet for indoor Board Training wont drive parents crazy.

✔️ You can learn without losing skin

✔️ Direct Training for Surfing, Skateboarding, Snowboarding. Wake surfing, Skim boarding, Snow-skate and
Wake skating.

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