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Perfect ollies, shuv its, flip tricks, and spins.
SyckTrix Balance Board
SyckTrix Balance Board
SyckTrix Balance Board
SyckTrix Balance Board
SyckTrix Balance Board
SyckTrix Balance Board
SyckTrix Balance Board
SyckTrix Balance Board
SyckTrix Balance Board
SyckTrix Balance Board
SyckTrix Balance Board
SyckTrix Balance Board
SyckTrix Balance Board
SyckTrix Balance Board
SyckTrix Balance Board

SyckTrix Balance Board

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Unlock Additional Sports Training:
+Snowboarding+Wakeboarding+Kitesurfing+All Foot Binding Sports
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What's Included
This package includes everything you need to start learning new tricks, improve performance, coordination, core strength, and even your reaction speed.
Ultimate Training Board

Patented Suspension System

Experience the thrill of bounce-assisted tricks.

Safely Hone Your Skills

Practice tricks safely and quietly at home.

Inclusive for All

Suitable for all ages and levels, from beginner to pro.

For Everyone
Our Syck Trix Balance Board Kit includes everything you need to create your our Syck Trix Balance Board, minus the skateboard deck. We recommend usiing a youth or standard size deck, not smaller than 7.7" x 30".
Make-It-Yourself Balance Board Kit
$109.95 $84.95
  • Two Velcros for the bottom of the board.
  • Two Ollie Air-Bladder Inner Tubes.
  • Two Air-Bladder Jackets.
  • One Soft EVA Foam Foot Pad.
Our Unmatched Competitive Edge
Syck Trix Outperforms the Competition
Snowboard Tricks
Surfing Tricks
WSL Surfer Approved
Optional Bindings
Real Skateboard Deck

Syck Trix Patented Suspension system bounces and has pop unlike any other Board on the Market . The Syck Trix board is a training board that is unlike any other board . Basically a skate deck with a soft foot pad on the top side of the deck. The bottom side has a two air bladders velcroed to the bottom this gives the board bounce/pop.

Syck Trix brings basic balance to most technical skateboarding tricks such as flip tricks, Spins, and even inverted tricks. This product increases balance and agility while decreasing the time it will take to progress and learn the most technical tricks.

Well since the boys were on the couch I thought about springs coils so I drilled about 30 holes into a skate deck and screwed in the springs I tried it on the concrete and the thing bounced and had a little pop I was tripping out ! And you Amy, said that it would scratch wood floors and that I was crazy!

I was watching my kids bounce a blank skate deck on the couch right then I was thinking why isn’t there a board that will help people work on there aerials in the house to train for all today’s board sports and modern airs and flip tricks . Right then I started working on prototypes.

Knowing that the Sycktrix is teaching two year olds basic balance skills, as well as the most technical flip tricks for the teens and adults. Another huge benefit, is using not just the tail of the board, but becoming psyched on the switch riding. Games of skate with your kids quietly in the house keeps mom pumped on the board too.

The best part is being 43 yrs old and still being able to stay up with the fast progression in this day in age. Doesn’t really matter what board sport you prefer, this board guarantees you will be at the top of your game. Sycktrix is a progression tool that guarantees you will be busting the fattest airs consistently. Skip the learning curve we had to deal with and advance to the next level overnight!

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Customer Reviews

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Liron Damari

SyckTrix Balance Board


14 year old is having a blast learning, with out breaking any limbs… Win-win!


Missing both the inner tube and inner tube covers. The grip tape was slapped on uneven. First impression was not good. I hope they can make it right since my son really wanted this for Christmas. I emailed them and still waiting for a response.

Kimberly Ficocelli

SyckTrix Balance Board